Padstow Chinese Congregational Church was established in October 1991, with members mainly Chinese-speaking first generation immigrants, and English-speaking second generation immigrants. We hope to build a church that is a living witness for Christ by the Holy Spirit, being faithful to the Holy Bible, exalting Christ and glorifying God. The church has experience God’s blessings in many different ways.

The church is our spiritual home here on earth. Together, we are nurtured and watered. Together we learn to serve. Together we grow in Jesus Christ; together we love and care for each other, share in each other’s joy and sorrows. Together we share in God’s blessings. Our identity is forever “sinners saved by grace”, and we continue to grow to maturity by God’s grace, so that individually and collectively, we can testify for Jesus Christ, the Word of God incarnate”. We are persuaded that God’s eternal will is to be accomplished through Jesus Christ and the Church.

Therefore, “Jesus Christ and His Church” is the plumb line for our gathering, our service, our life and our deeds – Christ is the centre, and the church His witness and ambassador.