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  • Christmas Celebration
    Our English Service Christmas Celebration this year will take place on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 December: PEACE Christmas Party on Saturday 23 and Christmas Celebration Service on Sunday 24. Please invite your family, friends and those we have not seen for a while to attend this special service. As we will have our Christmas Celebration Services on Sunday 24 December, our church will not hold services on Christmas Day this year. Pray for all around the world that during this month, more people will know the true meaning of Christmas, i.e. Jesus Christ is our saviour.
  • Baptism service
    A Baptism Service will be held on 31 December. If you are considering being baptized, please talk to Alan.
  • Summer Months
    Please continue to attend our ministries during the busy summer months when many will be away.
  • KYCK
    Pray for the preparation of KYCK and inform Katie if you would like to go.
  • Nextgen
    For the year 11 and above, please let Jordan know that you are interested to go to Nextgen at the earliest time.
  • Praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord that the year 12 students have finished their HSC. May they continue to stay close to our God while they are resting and continue to give thanks to our Lord.
  • Samaritan Boxes
    May all the glory be given unto our Lord. We have received 408 shoe boxes and $7144.6 for shipment and donation. Once again, we have reached more than our target. Thanks so much for everyone who has been involved and thank you once again for all your generosity. Continue to pray for the whole process and may God’s love show in the preparation, that He will reveal himself through these shoeboxes and touch the hearts of children all around the world.
  • Xchange Young Adult and Adult Bible Study
    Please stay for Xchange on Sunday, it will start at 1:45pm.
  • Church Offering and Expenses
    Church Offering and Expenses from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 has been posted on the board.
  • Everyone Serving Somewhere
    Please remember that we are aiming to have ”Everyone Serving Somewhere.” Where will you serve?
  • PEACE Youth Group
    Please join us on Saturday at 7:30pm and invite your friends.
  • Spiritual Mentor Program
    Attention to those who are in University or working, there will be a spiritual mentor program to assist your walk with Christ. Please don’t hesitate to contact Tin if you are interested and have been thinking about this.
  • Care for One Another
    Give some encouragement words to brothers and sisters- in-Christ you see today. If you see anyone not here today at church, send him/her a SMS message or call him/her to let him/her know that we care and hope to see him/her next week. Continue to show concerns and pray for those we have not seen for a long while. Please let Alan know if you are interested to be part of the caring team.
  • Sponsoring Children
    Please continue to pray for our sponsored children from Indonesia, and continue to contribute some money toward this.
  • Our Daily Bread
    Please take a copy of Our Daily Bread personal devotion material, to start daily meditation on God’s word and to have a much closer personal relationship with God
  • Child Safety Alert
    Child Safety Alert: All brothers- and sisters-in-Christ and parents are called to be always vigilant about the safety of young kids. To reduce the risk of accidents, young children are not allowed in the kitchen. Please ensure the kitchen door is always closed.
  • A Kind Reminder
    Please check the roster and when you’re scheduled to serve, be at Church before 10.45am. Make necessary preparations to serve with all your heart, as working for the Lord.
  • Devotional Material
    RBC Ministries encourage brothers and sisters to subscribe to their devotional material at http://www.rbc.org.